Schedule your outdoor activities

Import routes from your favorite mapping service and plan your adventure based on your performance on Strava.

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Import routes from your favorite platforms like Strava or SwitzerlandMobility and schedule your outing based on your individual performance. Find out when you need to start and when you will be back.


During your activity, at anytime, check if everything is going according to plan. No need to guess whether you will catch that next connection or whether you should call your family right now to tell them that you are going to be late.


Compare your completed activity with the original schedule and share it with friends. Discover popular tracks in any area. Choose routes according to the estimated time of return.

How does it work?

Why schedule in the first place?

Cédric My family always wants to know when I will be back home (answer: 2pm). If I'm plannig for a group, I want to know how we are faring, before it's too late to change plans. Homebytwo is especially usefull when I don't want to miss the last bus back at the end of my run.

We are still working on it...

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Issues Welcome

Homebytwo is still under active development. If you find something broken or have a great suggestion for improvement, create an issue on GitHub's issue tracker.

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